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Internet connection?

You must have an internet connection, preferably through a computer or tablet, to use this service.  You should also have an email address.  And, for very simple returns we can even prepare returns via a mobile phone connection.

Qualify for services?

Click here to determine if you qualify for virtual preparation services.  If you are still unsure, book a Virtual Prep Planning Call below and we will call you to discuss your individual tax situation.

Virtual Preparation Planning Call

Request a Virtual Preparation Planning telephone call call below at a time and day that is convenient for you.  We will call you within 15 minutes of the chosen time and will make sure you qualify for virtual tax preparation and discuss the process with you.


Virtual Tax Return Preparation

Secure & Safe

We use a well-established secure web portal with state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. 

Virtual Meeting

At your Tax Preparation Appointment, you will receive a link to our secure portal for a “face-to-face” meeting with a Certified IRS VITA Volunteer Tax Preparer who will be able to view your documents and prepare your return.

Online Review

You will have a second online meeting with another Certified IRS Volunteer Tax Preparer that will perform a  Quality Review of the return.  Then Quality Reviewer will review the return with you and ask you to electronically sign the return. 

Electronic Filing

We will electronically file your federal and state tax return after you electronically sign. A printed copy of the return will be mailed to you after it has been accepted by IRS and your state. 


Getting ready for your appointment

Step 1: Intake / Interview Form

You will need to complete Form 13614-C prior to your Virtual Tax Return Preparation Appointment.   This is an IRS-required form that is integral to our tax return preparation process.  You can access Form 13614-C here.  We will mail you one if necessary.

Step 2: Complete the Intake / Interview Form

It is preferred that you download the fillable Form 13615-C, complete it and save it on your computer.  During the appointment we will be able to see it on your screen.  Otherwise, print it out and complete it by hand for the appointment.

Step 3: Gather your tax documents

Have all tax documents ready the appointment.  If you aren’t sure if something is a tax document, have it handy for us to discuss with you during the appointment. If you find anything is missing, please postpone the appointment.

Be ready for our call

At your Planning telephone call, you will be given an appointment for preparation and review of your tax return.  At these times, watch your email (or text if you’ve been designated a mobile phone client) for a link to the Virtual Tax Return Preparation meeting.