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Tax questions answered by telephone

A Certified IRS VITA Volunteer will answer your tax questions by telephone.

Step 1

Make sure you qualify

The Lowcountry Area VITA Coalition in partnership with United Way and IRS, offers free tax return help to certain low income people or persons with disabilities that live in our area.  Click here to see if you qualify to use our serivces. 

Step 2

What is your question?

Tell us a little about the nature of your tax question below.  Then we will assign a Certified Volunteer with the appropriate level of expertise to contact you.

Step 3

Wait for our call or email

A Certified IRS Volunteer from VITA will call you to discuss your tax question.  Make sure your phone is not blocked and you have voicemail set up in case we cannot immediately reach you.

Request a telephone call to answer your tax questions

Types of tax questions we can help you with

Is there free tax software I can use?

We can help you determine if you qualify to use free IRS-sponsored online tax preparation software.  You can also check yourself at

What my filing status?

We can help you determine the correct filing status.  For example, do you qualify as head of household?  Married filing separate? Qualifying widow?

Who is my dependent?

We can discuss all the members of your tax household to guide you as to who qualifies as a dependent.

Tax credit questions

We can discuss with you the qualifications for credits such as child tax credit, earned income credit or other types of credits.

Should I itemize deductions?

Do you have a question as to whether you should be itemizing deductions or taking the standard deduction?

We Can't Answer

Where’s my refund?  We don’t have access to that information.  Go to and click on the box “Where’s My Refund” and follow the instructions.